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Caring for your Arts and Crafts Gardens

Caring for your Arts and crafts gardens should be like caring for any other garden, only possibly easier. Because the plants are allowed to grow over the egdges of the bed and into one another, there is less maintenance than a flower bed where the plants are to be kept in their own area and not supposed to sprawl out over the edges. Also, because the plants are growing so closely together it is less likely for weeds to establish.

Here are my Care tips for an Arts and Crafts garden

1. Pull weeds as they develop early in the gardens development. Hopefuly after your garden has developed their will be fewer and fewer weeds.
2. Allow plants that you had wanted in your garden to have free reign. If this is to hard for you, the Arts and Crafts style garden my not be your style.
3. Water as necessary. As with all plants, when their are dry spells wilting may occur, however, the arts and crafts style plants are quite often hearty and should not need an over abundance of care.
4. Enjoy! Gardening is to be fun, so sit back, have a glass of iced tea, and watch the sun set.

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