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The Architecture of the Arts and Crafts Gardens

California Bungalow Style

The Bungalow style of architecture is characterized by the long over hanging eves and gables as well natural wood and brick building matterials. The bungalow style was popularized by the brothers Charles and Henery Greene in California in the early 20th century. Bungalows will often have deckcs concealed underneath the long gables of the tiled roof. The bungalow had long horizontal lines that held it squat to the ground allowing for better incorporation of the building into the landscape. The natural wood toned bungalows of Greene and Greene's time give a very earthy and natural feel and fit well with the Arts and Crafts garden. Unfrotunately, when the word Bungalow is mentioned many think of the"Sears Bungalow" which are far less elaborate than the early bungalow styles.

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The English Country Cottage

The English Country Cottages of the Arts and Crafts period were primaraly built from brick and stone. These materials helped the building to have a Medieval air about them and conected them well to the ideals of the Arts and Crafts gardens. These country cottages were often set on rather large estates set amid some very elaborate gardens. Thes buildings also had rather long horizontal lines which incorporated the building easily into the gardens that it surrounded.

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